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Create Clone

Minimum Requirement

  • SQL Server instance to host the clone
  • Approximately 300 MB of free space to host the clone

Create a clone

The following command creates a clone on the instance SQLDB3. The clone will be called DB1_Clone2.
The clone will be based on the latest image of database DB1

New-PSDCClone -SqlInstance SQLDB3 -CloneName DB1_Clone2 -Database DB1 -LatestImage -Credential $cred -SqlCredential $cred

By default the location of the clone will be in a folder called “clones” in the default data folder of the SQL Server instance.

It’s possible to use a different location by using the parameter “Destination”. The value in this parameter can be a local folder or a network share.
In case it’s a network share, the script will try to convert the network share to a local folder. This is very handy when the command is executed remotely.

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