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The first that needs to be done after installing the module for the first time is to configure it.

The command that is responsible for the configuration is “Set-PSDCConfiguration”.

There are two ways to configure the module:

  1. Using JSON files to store information
  2. Using a SQL Server database to store information

There are pros and cons for each decision

Using JSON files


  • No database needed
  • Easy configuration


  • Can be easily corrupted
  • Is prone to data loss

Using a SQL Server database


  • Less prone to corruption


  • Adds extra elements to the cloning infrastructure (database)
  • Extra authentication needed for database server

Configuration Wizard

When the command is executed without any parameters it will prompt the user for input like a wizard.

The example below shows how it’s configured using JSON files.


JSON files

The example below will configure the module for the use of JSON files, saved on the server SQLDB1.

Set-PSDCConfiguration -InformationStore File -Path \\sqldb1\psdatabaseclone

SQL Server database

The example below will configure the module for the use of a SQL Server database on SQLDB1.

By default, when no database name is set, the database name will be set to “PSDatabaseClone”.

Set-PSDCConfiguration -InformationStore SQL -SqlInstance SQLDB1 -SqlCredential $Credential

In the example a credential was set to authenticate to the database server.

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