PSDatabaseClone has just been released and there will be new releases often. It will get better the more suggestions, bug reports and feedback we get.

Minimum Requirements

To let the module work you need to have a couple of components set up.

The standard architecture is to have a server that will manage the images and a host that will have the clones.

Commands can be executed remotely which enables you to manage images and clones from your local machine.
When executing the commands remotely, you have to have the module and all it’s dependencies installed on both the local and the remote host.

Local Host (Executing commands remotely)

  • Windows 7 +, Windows Server 2003 +
  • Powershell version 5
  • dbatools
  • PSFramework

Imaging Host (Remote or local)

  • Windows 7 +, Windows Server 2003 +
  • SQL Server instance (at least version 2000)
  • Enough space to house the size of the database to image at least once

Cloning Host

  • Windows 7 +, Windows Server 2003 +
  • SQL Server instance to host the clones
  • Enough space for each clone (300MB)


The PowerShell Gallery and the command Install-Module are natively available in Windows 10 and Windows Server 2016. If you run Windows 7, 8, Server 2012 & below you can either install PackageManagement from or simply skip to method 2.

To use the Install-Module you need an elevated PowerShell window. This will install the module globally for everyone to use on the machine.

Install-Module PSDatabaseClone

To install the module for the current user of when you don’t have administrator access to the host you must run the following command

Install-Module PSDatabaseClone -Scope CurrentUser